[ Alkesch @ 23.12.2018. 23:58 ] @
Hi Guys,

I`m sorry about that, I speak with you in English. But my Serbian Language is not good enough. You can write Serbia and I will understand you. Or you speak German, ... please apologize.

Now to my problem:

I have the 23kw Alfa Plam Commo in the house of my Mother. And now, I will start the Pellet Burner, if the Water-Temp goes down to 65°C and ends if the Temp is 75°C. The Settings are on Step 5, but they goes every time in Modulation. But I will, that starts and ends shortly, without Modulation.

How can I go into the Program Settings with the Code "A9" and Change everything i need.

Start: 65°C
End: 75°C
No Modulation
No Steps down
"Only starts with max. and ends with max."

Is anybody here to help me.

PS: You can write in German also!

[ zoran.mika @ 24.12.2018. 11:47 ] @

Ja imam peć mbs ista je elektronika, pogledaj moj video ima tri video snimka u mom potpisu videćeš kako peć radi, tu ćeš videti da peć radi u work 5 i kako prilazi nameštenoj temperaturi vode spušta snagu, to piše na displeju ispod work 5.

Valjda si razumeo.
[ Alkesch @ 03.01.2019. 21:31 ] @

thank you.

I saw your Videos and I read the manual.

Now I have changed the Menu.

Step 1 - 3 kW - 0.7 - rpm 1550
Step 2 - 5 kW - 1.1 - rpm 1650
Step 3 - 7 kW - 1.5 - rpm 1750
Step 4 - 9 kW - 1.9 - rpm 1850
Step 5 - 11 kw - 2.3 - rpm 1950

That works much better.